Reiterhof Pegasus

Riding Centre and Environment

Pegasus Riding Centre is on the edge of the historical village Theologos on the northern Greek island of Thassos. The island is also known as the "Green Island of Greece" or the Emerald Island. Owing to the high mountains, which rise up to over 1200 meters, the island has Waterfalls, flowing brooks and green vegetation in the summer, which is why there is an unbelievable variety of plants and animals.

Theologos, the former capital city of the island, is up in the mountains, ca. 10 km of the sea. The rides to the beach, to the mountains or riding lessons in the arena are included in the daily program. Something for everybody. Time to get know the beauty of the mountains or to ride along the beach. Heart of a rider. What more do you want?

After 30 years equestrian sports in Germany, Sibylle Bitzer relocated to her second adopted country Thassos. She is well qualified in welfare educational riding.

The caring and easy going atmosphere is the underlying principle of the business.

Physically challenged persons get a new quality of life when handling horses and other riders can extend their skills. Handicapped groups from Switzerland and Germany are regular guests. They enjoy their holidays on the riding centre. Also do small and big rider making regularly holidays.

We look forward to welcoming you at Pegasus.